Remember that girls on sex dating sites are still real people

It’s very easy to dismiss girls on sex dating sites as being whores. After all, for the most part, in your daily experiences a lot of your co-workers as well as people you went to school with don’t regularly take off their clothes in front of a camera and post it on some datingsite. Most of the time you’d feel lucky if some girl you knew in high school ended up being a Playboy playmate. Nine times out of ten, this isn’t the case. Nine times out of ten, most people live boring, regular lives and it seems that girls on sex dating sites are these entertainment figures that you really can’t relate to in real life.

It’s very easy to marginalize them. It’s very easy to basically write them off as people that you really cannot relate to. This is of course a big mistake. If you peel away the make- up, if you take away the fact that they’re on asex dating sites and you remove the fact that they take off their clothes in front of total strangers for sex, they’re completely regular people. That’s right. How can I say this with a straight face? How can I make this claim? Very simple. They still have to worry about making ends meet. They still have to worry about the rent at the end of every month. They still have to think of ways to put food on the table. In fact, they’re just like you. They have the same hopes, fears, desires and pride like you.

The big difference is that they see sex dating sitesand other types of online dating entertainment types of sites as a means of saving a lot of time in the regular day to day life. They see it as a way of finding a proper man for sex without have to go from club to club and from bar to bar. That’s the big difference. Maybe you have a college degree. Maybe you have a graduate degree and you’re working in white collar job and you think that this type of dating or matchmaking is beneath you. Fine. Fair enough.

But the problem is what maybe beneath you maybe just the opportunity for somebody else with the same degree and the same graduate training. You have to remember that a significant percentage of girls nowadays who are on some sex dating site like actually work at other fields and they make a lot more money. They’re doing it for thrills. So get off your high horse and just enjoy the show.

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